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Knightsia excelsa

NZ Honeysuckle, Rewarewa

A tall upright branching tree with leathery long coarsely toothed leaves and the underside have tormentum.

It is found throughout the North Island and in the Marlborough Sounds.

The reddish brown flowers form in late Spring / early Summer.

The tomentose fruits up to 4 cm long take a year to ripen before splitting in half and releasing the winged seeds.

It is suspectible to thrips, generally only if the plant is under stress which can be sprayed with an insecticide.
  • H 12m x W 4 m
  • Full sun and semi-shade
  • Intolerant of wet
  • Provides food for native birds

Plants supplied are ecosourced from the Waitakere Ecological District.

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