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Astelia banksii


A coastal Astelia forming a clump with drooping, narrow silver leaves.

Astelia banksii is smaller and slower growing than Astelia chathamica and the leaves are narrower.

It is found in the northern half of the North Island, generally on coastal cliffs and coastal lowland forest.

Astelias have separate male and female plants and the fruit is found only on the female plant.

Astelia banksii is one of the best Astelias for Auckland as it is naturally found here.

It is less suspectible to phytophthora (a fungal disease causing root rot ) than Astelia chathamica.

It often grows in association with Metrosideros excelsa pohutakawa
  • H 1 - 2m
  • Will grow in full sun or shade
  • Tolerates very dry conditions
  • Requires good drainage
  • Frost tender
  • Tolerates exposed coastal conditions

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