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Griselinia lucida


Griselinia lucida is found in forest and coastal regions throughout New Zealand.

The akapuka grows naturally as an epiphyte in the forest but it will also grow well as a shrub in cultivation.

However on Rangitoto Island, the akapuka are growing naturally in the open, between the scoria and not as epiphytes.

It has attractive large thick oval glossy green leaves and the male and female flowers are found on separate trees.

In Autumn the fruit ripens to a dark purple colour.

Akapuka will tolerate having very restricted roots.
In amenity planting it is used as a hedge.
  • H 5m x W 2m
  • Sun and semi-shade.
  • Tolerates dry conditions.
  • Frost tender
  • Tolerant of coastal winds
  • Provides food for native birds

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