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Phyllocladus trichomanoides

Celery pine, Tanekaha

Tanekaha is an attractive native tree with a conical shape from the conifer family. It is found on infertile lowland slopes of in the North Island from Northland to Taranaki and in the Marlborough, Nelson area of the South Island.

Often found growing naturally with Kauris, Agathis australis, favouring the same infertile soils.

The leaves are in fact flatted leaf stems called phylloclades.

Male and female cones are found on the same tree. The cones are deep purple colour changing to crimson when ripe.

Tanekaha has an upright growth habit making it an excellent specimen tree or for planting in groups.
  • H 6-10m x W 3m
  • Prefers shelter and shade when young.
  • Frost tender when young
  • Hardy
  • Provides food for birds

Plants available are ecosourced from the Waitakere and Tamaki Ecological Districts.

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