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Fuchsia excorticata

Tree fuchsia, Kotukutuku

This is the largest growing fuchsia in the world.

Kotukutuku is found throughout New Zealand from sea level to 1000m, often along stream banks.

It is often prominent in regenerating forests.

Kotukutuku is a semi-deciduous fast growing small tree with distinctive orange-brown bark, which is papery and peeling.

The flowers are green and purple when young changing to red, late winter to early Spring  and are followed by dark purple berries.

The flowers are mostly borne among the leaves but are also on larger branches and even on the trunk.

The berries are edible and are known by the Maori as konini
  • H 5 m x W 2m
  • Semi-shade
  • Prefers a rich moist soil and shelter
  • Provides food for native birds

Plants supplied are ecosourced from the Tamaki Ecological District.

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