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Clianthus puniceus

Red kaka beak

Clianthus puniceus is from the Leguminosea family (pea family).

It is a soft woody shrub with a rather sprawling habit and has pendulous clusters of bright red flowers in Spring.

It is rare and endangered in the wild with only a few wild populations been found, in the North Island.

It was widely cultivated by pre European Maori.

Kaka beak can be relatively short lived.

The care of the Clianthus is:
Cut back after flowering.
Protect from slug and snail damage.
It is susceptible to defoliation by leaf miner. Spray with an insecticide
Feed plant in Spring with a slow release fertiliser
  • H 2m x W 1.5m
  • Full sun.
  • Prefers a free draining site
  • Protect from heavy frosts
  • Food for birds particularly the tui and the bellbird

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