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Pseudopanax crassifolius

Lancewood, Horoeka

Lancewood is found throughout New Zealand in lowland forest and scrub.
The juvenile form is very distinctive.

It usually has one upright stem and if there is more, it is usually because the main tip has been damaged.

All the new leaves are formed from the apical bud (growing tip) only.
The long serrated leaves shorten as the plant matures.

Pseudopanax crassifolius eventually grows into a round-headed tree.
It is susceptible to Phytophthora (a fungal disease causing root rot), preferring a dry, free draining soil.

Lancewoods have an interesting vertical accent making it a excellent contrast plant with glossy broad-leaved native plants like Griselina and Puka.

 Excellent planted in groups also.
  • H 5-6m
  • Sun or semi-shade.
  • Intolerant of wet conditions .
  • Very tolerant of dry conditions
  • Wind hardy.
  • Provides food for native birds

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