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Carex lessoniana

Spreading swamp sedge

This robust wetland sedge is closely related to Carex geminata with wide spreading tough rhizomes.

The rhizomes anchor the soil and the foliage lies flat during flooding, to provide a bed for silt deposition, spouting quickly back up again, to anchor the new soil, making it excellent for holding stream-banks to protect them from erosion.

It is common in damp or swamp areas in Auckland. It has wide bi-fold leaves and long hanging green spikes that turn brown when ripe.

It is found throughout New Zealand in lowland swamps, whereas Carex geminata is found south of Auckland city.
  • H 1m x W 1m
  • Full sun and semi-shade
  • Needs wet or damp conditions to do well
  • Excellent for revegetation /restoration planting for areas prone to flooding.
  • Hardy and fast growing

Plants supplied are ecosourced from the Tamaki Ecological District.

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