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Austroderia fulvida syn. Cortaderia fulvida

Toetoe, Cortaderia fulvida

This is the smallest of the NZ native toetoe.

Austroderia fulvida is found throughout the North Island, often on stream banks and swampy edges.

Drooping tawny coloured flower heads appear in early Summer.

It is fast growing and used as a nurse plant in revegetation.

It can be distinguished from the invasive pampas from South America by its drooping flowering spikes.

Cortaderia fulvida has been reclassified and renamed  Austroderia fulvida in 2011.
  • H 1.5m x W 1m
  • Full sun
  • Although a wetland plant, it is drought tolerant.
  • Hardy

Plants supplied are ecosourced from the Waitakere Ecological District

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