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Carex virgata

A vigorous sedge of swampy places throughout New Zealand.

As it is a successful colonising plant, it is used for wetland planting but it will also grow on dry sites. Therefore a suitable species where the conditions may vary periodically from very wet to very dry.

Thrives in a variety of habitats including swamps, drain margins, seepages and wet pastures.

Carex virgata is more common in Auckland and has a larger habitat range than Carex secta.

Carex virgata does not grow quite as large as Carex secta.

Carex virgata is not suitable for fast water, nor normally seen in deep water.

  • H 1m x W 1m
  • Full sun or shade
  • Hardy
Plants supplied are ecosourced from the Tamaki and the Waitakere Ecological Districts

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