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Machaerina articulata syn. Baumea articulata

Jointed twig rush, Baumea articulata

Baumea articulata is a common native rush found growing from Taupo northward, forming large robust clumps.

It has sturdy upright bright green stems and will tolerate both dry soils and deep water. It has attractive seed heads in Summer.

All of the Baumea species are robust plants with creeping rhizomes, and are particularly capable of growing in soils / water with high concentrations of contaminants and nutrients.

It is used for wetland revegetation.

Baumea articulata has been reclassified and renamed Machaerina articulata in 2011
  • H 1.8m x W 2m
  • Full sun or semi-shade
  • Tolerates wet poor draining soil
  • Hardy.

Plants supplied are ecosourced from the Tamaki and Waitakere Ecological Districts.

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