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Wetland Planting Guide for the Auckland area

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In New Zealand, it is estimated that less than 10 percent of the original cover of wetlands now remain.

Lowland wetlands and riverine systems have only recently been recognised as one of New Zealand's most threatened ecosystems.

Most of New Zealand's wetland plants are found nowhere else in the world.


Wetland Plants for the Auckland Area

Apodasmia similis Jointed Rush, Oioi 
Reed with fine grey-green foliage. Found bordering coastal saltmarshes and estuaries Creeping rhizomes. H 1m x W 1m
Astelia grandis Swamp Astelia
Wetland Astelia Orange berries. H 2m
Avicennia marina var. resinifera Mangrove 
Shrub or small tree, common in estuaries and tidal creeks forming mangrove swamps Northland to south of Auckland. H 8m
Baumea articulata Jointed twig rush
Large robust sedge, swampy areas
Grows in standing water H 1.8 x W 2m
Baumea juncea
Rush with blue-green foliage. Coastal areas, lowland swamps and saltmarshes H 1m x W 1.5
Baumea rubignosa
Vigorous creeping rush.  Found in boggy, swampy areas. H 1m x W 1.5
Baumea teretifolia
Vigorous rush with rhizomes H 1m x W 1.5 
Blechnum minus Swamp kiokio
Native fern found in flax and sedge swamps and under manuka scrub.
H 50cm x W 50cm
Bolboschoenus fluviatilis Marsh clubrush
Sedge found on margins of coastal streams and swamps. H 1.5m
Carex dissita
Sedge found in damp shaded ground. Does not have a rhizome
H 50cm x W 50cm
Carex geminata Cutty grass
Sedge found south of Auckland city in lowland swamps. H 1m
Carex lessoniana Spreading swamp sedge
Closely related to Carex geminata. Spreading rhizomes. Found in lowland swamps. H 1m x W 1m 
Carex secta Purei
Common plant of swampy areas throughout New Zealand. H 1.5 x W 1m
Carex virgata
Vigorous sedge of swampy areas throughout New Zealand. Sun or semi shade H 1m x W 1m
Carpodetus serratus New Zealand Marble leaf, Putaputaweta
Tree with white flowers in Spring. Divaricating in juvenile stage of growth. Grows in moist edges of swamp forests and riparian areas. H 5m
Coprosma propinqua Mikimiki 
Divaricating shrub. Found near swamp areas & streams.
Sun or semi-shade H 1- 2m
Coprosma robusta Karamu 
Fast growing shrub. Grows in moist soils around the edges of wetlands and in riparian zones.Tolerates semi-shade. Pioneer plant. H 2m - 4m x W 1m
Cordyline australis Cabbage tree, Ti kouka 
Hardy tree. Tolerates wide range of conditions. H 8m x W 3m
Cortaderia fulvida Toetoe
Pioneer plant. Damp or dry soils and poor soils. Found throughout the North Island only, often on stream banks and swamp edges.
H 1.5 m x W 1.5m
Cyperus ustulatus Giant umbrella sedge 
A vigorous sharp-edged swamp grass forming large thick clumps. Open damp places, coastal and lowland. Will grow in standing water. H 1.5m x W 1m
Dacrycarpus dacrydioides White pine, Kahikatea 
Specimen tree for damp & open sites. New Zealand's tallest tree. Requires shelter when young. Grows in moist soils around the edges of wetlands and in riparian zones. H 20m+ x W 4m
Elatostema rugosum Parataniwha 
Groundcover with purple tinted foliage. Found in damp shady stream sides & gullies. W 50cm x W 1m
Eleocharis acuta Spike rush 
A sedge with rhizomes. Stream margins and swampy areas throughout New Zealand H 1m x W 1m
Finicia nodosa Knobby clubrush 
Formerly Isolepis nodosa
A rush-like plant with a short creeping rhizomes, common throughout New Zealand. Coastal banks, dunes and sometimes wet ground. H 50cm
Gahnia xanthocarpa Tupari maunga
Sedge with very harsh leaves. Drooping flower spikes. Lowland bogs and swamp forests. Sun and semi shade. H 2 - 3m
Juncus gregiflorus
Common rush of swampy areas throughout New Zealand H 1 m
Juncus pallidus Giant Rush, Wiwi
Giant rush forming a large clump with creeping rhizomes. H 1.5m x W 2m
Laurelia novae-zelandiae Pukatea
A tall handsome slow growing tree with distinctive buttresses at the trunk base. Tolerates wet sites and periodic flooding. H 10m x W 3m
Leptospermum scoparium Tea tree, Manuka
A common fast growing shrub found throughout New Zealand with abundant white flowers in Summer. Tolerates both dry and wet conditions.  H 3 - 4 m
Melicytus ramiflorus Whiteywood, Mahoe
Fast growing tree once established. Tolerates shade. Common in young riparian vegetation in Auckland. H 5m x W 3m
Phormium tenax NZ Flax, Harakere
Red flower stalk in Summer. Found throughout New Zealand in lowlands, swamps and coastal areas. Grows in moist soils around the edges of wetlands and in riparian zones. H 2m
Plagianthus divaricatus Saltmarsh ribbonwood 
Shrub with tangled form, found in coastal areas, along margins of salt marshes and estuaries. H 2m x W 1.5m
Rhopalostylis sapida Nikau
Only native mainland palm with strong dramatic shape. Slow growing. Grows in moist soils around the edges of wetlands and in riparian zones H 10m +
Sarcocornia quinqueflora Glasswort, Ureure
Succulent groundcover with grey-green stems. Slow growing. Found on coastal banks & saltmarshes. H 10cm x W 30cm
Schefflera digitata Pate 
A small tree with large soft palmate leaves. Fast growing in damp shade. Grows in moist soils around the edges of wetlands and in riparian zones
H 3m x W 2m
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Lake Club rush
A rush-like plant growing margins of lowland lakes, streams and ponds. It has a creeping rhizome. H 1- 2 m. Grows in shallow water.
Selliera radicans Remuremu
Coastal groundcover, found in saltmarshes and dune hallows. H 30cm x W 2m
Syzygium maire Swamp Maire
A tree which develops aerial roots and a buttress trunk. White flowers and red berries. Needs swamp conditions H 8m x W 4m
Typha orientalis Bulrush, Raupo
A vigorous erect clump-forming plant with spreading rhizomes.Large furry brown cylindrical flower heads.Will grow in standing water up to 1metre. H 2.5m x W 5m