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New Zealand Native Plants

There is an increasing demand for using New Zealand native plants in landscape planting.

This can be attributed to the growing awareness of the benefits of using native plants to create good planting design.

NZ native plants-
  • are naturally adapted to local climate and soils eg poor clay soils
  • are hardy and relatively low maintenance.
  • add the structure, variation of colour, form and texture to any planting
  • add interest to a garden eg. divaricating plants contrasting with bold and dramatic native plants
  • are part of our culture. They have always been used by the Maori for food, medicinal and practical purposes.
  • are diverse and unique with 85% of the flora endemic (found only in NZ).
  • are for specific situations i.e. wet, dry, coastal salt winds, sun and shade
  • provide nectar and berries for native birds at different times throughout the year
  • are a reflection of the natural landscape
  • help create a sustainable environment for the future.
  • are used extensively for restoration and revegetation planting
  • help create an identity with the land when used in planting i.e. iconic plants like the cabbage tree and the flax
  • provide flower colour i.e. kowhai, pohutakawa, rata, kanuka, manuka and cabbage tree