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Contract Growing

Plant Supply Contracts

The Native Plant Centre Ltd focuses on the achievement of the following outcomes for contract growing -

  1. Contract grown stock is grown to specification ensuring production and supply targets are met.

  2. Plants shall be true to type, pest and weed free.

  3. Propagation of seed and growing on of the plant material to the appropriate grade suitable for planting as specified. The plant size shall be consistent with the container size specified. 

  4. Ensuring a quality product for a fair and competitive price to the customer.

  5. Following the Code of Practice and Ethics of Ecosourcing -

a) Using local provenance seed to ensure plant material is adapted to local conditions and natural diversity is maintained.

b) The collection of seed from a range of sources in the same ecological district as the planting site.

c) Seed collection is undertaken by an experienced ecologist as required.


 The company has the capability to complete a large-scale plant supply contract with the following attributes -

  • Heath & Safety policy / plan

  • Experience and a track record Having competence, knowledge and relevant experiencein propagation, growing and supply of NZ native plants, including ecosourced plants.

  • Quality Nursery quality management systems in place to confirm authenticity of seed stock, labelling and stock management, plant health management and production control.

  • Technical skills Management and administrative skills

  • Nursery and plant production skills Our inventory and production system provides for effective tracking of plant and seed origin throughout the entire propagation and growing period.

  • Resources The company has the necessary propagation and production resources, and the financial and staff resources.

All plants for a plant supply contract would be in a separate area in the nursery for the customer to inspect the stock at any time.

We anticipate regular nursery visits by the customer to monitor plant quality during the contract growing period, that will minimise the risk to both parties.

We understand there is an expectation that we proactively communicate to the customer, any issues that develop during the contract process that may impact on plant quality and / or supply in full .  

We also take into consideration variables according to the species, allowing on average 10% for losses in the nursery.

We recycle the PB bags and plastic pots where ever possible.