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New Zealand native plants Click here to find out about the native flora of New Zealand

Comparsion of Litre Pots to Planter Bags  A chart showing the comparison of litre pots to planter bags used in the nursery industry in pdf_small2.gif pdf format.

Click here to open The Illustrations of Common Trees And Shrubs of the Waitakere and Auckland region by Alan Esler in pdf small2 pdf format

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The differences and similarities of Manuka and Kanuka An outline of the distinctions between Manuka and Kanuka, common plants in the New Zealand bush.

Divaricating plants  Divaricating shrubs are a feature of some of New Zealand flora. Find out more.

Glossary of Maori plant names A cross reference of native plants Maori names to botanical names

Native plants that provide nectar, fruit and seeds for native birds A list of some of the native plants found in the Auckland region that are attractive to native birds. 

Wetland plants A list of plants for wetland planting in Auckland

Ecosourcing A definition of ecosourcing, reasons for ecosourcing and Business Statement.

Revegetation  A guide for revegetation planting. Where and what to plant and planting densities.

Further reading A list of highly recommended books.