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About Us

The Native Plant Centre Ltd is a privately owned company that has been operating as a specialist native plant nursery since 1995.

We, Andrew Macnab and Brenda Broeks are the directors of the company and we both have 30 years experience in growing NZ native plants.Propagation trays with seedlings pricked out

We are passionate about NZ native plants. The nursery is located in Coatesville, North Shore , Auckland (5 minutes from Albany) and specialises in growing and selling NZ native plants, to the trade and the public.

Our business success is a result of our focus on quality and continuous improvement. Our pride in our nursery is reflected in the quality of our plants, our professionalism and our commitment to excellent service.

Our business focus is to grow NZ native plants of a consistent high quality and to provide the highest level of professional customer service.

Growers of Revegetation Plants for Auckland

We propagate and supply quality ecosourced native plants for large scale revegetation projects in Auckland


Ecosourcing is using native plants grown from locally sourced seed.
Ecosourced plants should be used in all restoration projects. It maintains natural plant distributions and gene pools.
Ecosourcing ensures restored vegetation is as natural as it can be, considering it is planted.

Ecosourcing Accreditation

In April 2010 The Native Plant Centre Ltd successfully completed the RNZIH Ecosourcing Audit. The report stated that the nursery complies with the previous Waitakere City Council Ecosourcing Code of practice and ethics and incorporates ecosourcing concepts and ethics into its nursery practice i.e.

  • Seed collection and production practices

  • Record keeping and information systems

  • Consultation and professional relationships

  • Education for ecosourcing

This Audit report gave our business integrity and credibility and we are now committed to supply predominantly ecosourced plants from the Auckland Ecological area

We are also 1 of only 2 other nurseries in Auckland to have passed this audit so for a small business, it is a real achievement.

We feel that to provide ecosourced plants for Auckland gives our native nursery a point of difference from other nurseries and will result in more sustainable planting for the environment

We collect seed and grow plants from the Waitakere, Tamaki and Rodney Ecological Districts.

On request we can provide accurate information about where the seed was collected, by an accession code with the botanical name which follows the plant through the propagation, production and despatch stages.


  • The nursery has a reputation in the industry for consistent and excellent quality plants.

  • We grow a comprehensive range of the popular NZ native trees and shrubs, ferns, flaxes, grasses, groundcovers, in large volume numbers.

  • Planter bag sizes are from  1L / PB3/4 to 8L / PB12

  • We offer very competitive pricing to our retail and trade customers.

  • Ecosourced plants from the Auckland ecological area for revegetation & restoration planting.

Customer Services

  • We focus on providing exceptional professional service

  • Retail customers are welcome to visit our nursery, view the stock, order and buy direct from the nursery.

  • Plant sourcing service to retail customers only. If a plant is out of stock we can order it in for you.

  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff to give information and advice about plant selection.

  • Invoices to trade customers emailed on the same day as dispatched from nursery.

  • Contract growing is an important part of our production business.

  • We have an extensive knowledge of the natural distribution of native species. We provide practical planting information about specific plant uses and ecological restoration or revegetation planting, and wherever possible we promote the use of ecosourced plants.

  • Delivery service

  • Internet payment service and Eftpos are available.

Business Sustainability Policy

The business has a sustainability policy which includes - recycling and reusing tubes, 0.5L, 1L plastic pots and  trays.

Trade Customers are charged for all tubes, 0.5L, 1L pots and trays The trade account is credited when returned to the nursery. Prices below exc. GST

  • Tubes 0.10 cents
  • 0.5L pot 0.10 cents
  • 1L pot 0.12 cents
  • 12 Tray $3.00 
  • 15 Tray $5.00

Please return to the nursery to help us with this.

We always use recycled cardboard boxes for packaging courier orders.